Community Groups


“They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.”


Acts 2:42 Challenge for church member

(This challenge is ongoing throughout the year. Once a quarter the community groups will come together and fellowship:  share a meal, read scriptures, and pray for each another)

-The Purpose: Doing life together

                -The need for more intimate relationships that goes beyond the church wall

                -The need for members to build relationships with other families they may not be as close to

                -The need for members to practice praying for each other

-At the end of 2011, we’ll evaluate if this challenge has been helpful



    Community Groups: *= Group Leaders

Groups 1

1. Patty Her/*Ace Chang

2. KL.Nruas Muas

3. KL. Npliaj Pov Yaj

4. KL. Yeej Hawj

5. Dr. Nyiaj Yig Hawj

6. Quint/Becky S.

Group 2

1. KL. Paj Tswb Hawj

2. KL. Txoos Xwm Lis

3. KL. *Pobzeb Hawj

4. KL. Npliam Muas

5. KL. Tsav Nruas Tsab


Group 3

1. TTL Kum Yaj

2. *KL. Cai Tsab

3. KL. Paj Cai Hawj

4. Ntxawm Tsab

5. N. Pov Muas

6. Maylee/KL. Txooj Huas Tsab

Group 4

1. N. Ntxoov Neeb Thoj/*Nraug Hawj

2. KL. Nyiaj Neeb Lis

3. KL. Hwm Muas

4. Xh. Pab Mab Hawj

5. KL. Xeev Xwm Vaj

6. KL. Nyiaj Looj Muas