About Missions


Purpose of the theme:

The theme declares everyone who believes and follows Jesus Christ is a missionary. Many Christians today get the impression that a missionary is middle-aged man/woman who leaves his/her job in America to evangelize and plant churches in Africa. All Christians, however, are called to be missionaries of the Gospel.


What does a Christian missionary do?

A Christian missionary proclaims Jesus as Savior and Lord. Jesus made it clear that Christians are to reach out to “all the nations” (Matthew 28:19), especially those ethnic groups without a Gospel witness. Unreached people groups are still waiting for the way, truth, and life found in Christ (Romans 15:20). But Christians at home should be missionaries in their own communities, doing personal evangelism (Acts 1:8).

Missionaries do more than evangelism. The commission was to make disciples, not immature believers. Thus, a Christian missionary’s outreach involves evangelism, discipleship, and church planting. These main goals are accomplished in a variety of ways: street preaching, tract hand-outs, church building, Bible studies, relief projects, children’s clubs, radio broadcasting, etc...


My hope is that the members at Hmong Baptist Church in Rochester, Mn would understand what an important role they have as a missionary, and be inspired to do the one thing they will not be able to do when they get to heaven.